Monday, 29 July 2013

★ ★Beautty Of Skradru★ ★

Amidst towering snow clad peaks with heights varying form 1,000 to 8,000 meters, the picturesque & panoramic Baltistan speak volumes about its unmatched beauty. Out of 14 highest peaks in the world (over 8,000 meters high) 4 mighty peaks are found in the Baltistan's Karakoram Range. These mighty guardians include K.2/ Mount Godowin Austin (8611m world's second highest), Gashabrum-I (8,068m), Broad Peak (8,047m) and Gashebrum-II(8,035m). For the climbers and adventures it is a dream come true as all the great challenges are found at the top of the world. A large number of climbers have so far attempted, but quite a few have succeeded in scaling the mighty K.2. standing at 8,611m and being the second highest peak in the world. The traditional route to K.2 base camp goes from Skardu via Shigar-Dassu-Askole up to Concordia over the Baltoro glacier a trek of 6 days. It is a wonderful trek that provides an awesome journey through the mighty riggers, peaks and glaciers leading to the base camp at K.2. Whether you want to trek to the base camp or attempt to subdue the amazing monster it is and experience worth remembering. For Trekking, Baltistan provides the most scenic and longest treks in the world. It offers a unique opportunity to get close to the longest glaciers outside Polar region,Siachan (72km),Biafo (60km),Baltoro (60km),and Batura (64km).Walking in fresh air during the day and lying under the stars at night makes trekking in Baltistan an unforgettable experience.

Shangrilla: The legend of Shangri-La is alive in Skardu, located just 35 minutes from Skardu. The resort is built on a beautiful lake and is surrounded by the most spectacular scenery. One may spend a night or a day, take a boat ride or trek the legendary location which provide opportunity for all to enjoy the best in Skardu.

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